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  • [Free Tools]: VMware Logon Monitor 22 juin 2018
    VMware Logon Monitor monitors Windows user logons and reports a wide variety of performance metrics intended to help administrators, support staff, and developers troubleshoot slow logon performance. Metrics include, but are not limited to, logon time, CPU/memory usage, and network connection speed. VMware Logon Monitor also receives metrics from other VMware products which provide even […]
  • Minio S3 object store deployed as a set of VMs on vSAN 22 juin 2018
    Some time back, I looked at what it would take to run a container based Minio S3 object store on top of vSAN. This involved using our vSphere Docker Volume Server (aka Project Hatchway, and the details can be found here. However, I wanted to evaluate what it would take to scale out the Minio […]
  • Poor man’s Samsung DEX HUB and VMware Horizon Advantage 22 juin 2018
    I had been intrigued by the Samsung DeX mode post its launch but didn’t have the courage to buy the 125$ (Rs. 10,000/- INR) Samsung DeX Station. I was on a look-out for an alternate Hub which could do the DeX mode on my Galaxy S8+ for a lot less. After searching @ AliExpress I […]
  • vSphere Hardening – G2 : Configure Host Profiles to monitor and alert on configuration changes 22 juin 2018
    Guideline ID : ESXi.enable-host-profiles Vulnerability Discussion : Monitoring for configuration drift and unauthorized changes is critical to ensuring the security of an ESXi host. Host Profiles provide an automated method for monitoring host configurations against an established template and for providing notification if deviations are detected. Risk Profile : 1, 2, 3 Description : Configure Host Profiles to monitor […]
  • Update the VCSA to latest 6.1U1g and not to 6.5U2 22 juin 2018
    VMware vSphere 6.5 it’s quite popolar now, considering the deadline for the version 5.5 in this year and the direct upgrade path from v5.5 to v6.5. But maybe not everybody want to update vSphere 6.5 to Update 2, considering that there will be no upgrade path (yet) to version 6.7 and maybe other minor issues due […]
  • Options for NTP services in ESXi 22 juin 2018
    There are 3 options basically for NTP services start and stop1) Start automatically if any ports are open, and stop when all ports are closed.2) Start and stop with host.3) Start and stop manually.  1)Start automatically if any ports are open, and stop when all ports are closed:This one is the default settings which is recommended […]
  • VMware vSphere 6.7 support added in Vembu BDR Suite 3.9.1 (Sponsored Post) 21 juin 2018
    I always get amped when new releases of vSphere are released, the latest version (6.7) got released a few months back and introduced a host of new improvements.  Most noteably, the new and improved VMware vCenter Server Appliance has had a makeover to give administrators a better experience from a management persspective but also the […]
  • NSX Cloud Blog Series: Part 1 21 juin 2018
    On the heels of announcing general availability of NSX Cloud on June 5th, we’re pleased to announce that NSX Cloud was selected as Best of Show runners-up in the cloud computing category at Interop Tokyo. The full list of all winners is available here. For those unfamiliar, Interop Tokyo is a major event of over […]
  • Expand a VMware Cloud on AWS Single-Host SDDC to a 4-Host SDDC 21 juin 2018
    With the announcement of the VMware Cloud on AWS Single-Host, customers are seeing the value of this offering and wanting to move to a 4-node Production SDDC. We are happy to announce that we have now released the ability to... The post Expand a VMware Cloud on AWS Single-Host SDDC to a 4-Host SDDC appeared […]
  • NSX Cloud Overview 21 juin 2018
    After the Compute stack filled with VMware products, now it’s time to fill Network stack with VMware products 😉 Let me introduce new way to provision virtual networks in Cloud space not just limited to VMware ESXi but can be deployed with multiple end points & Clouds.VMware NSX Cloud delivers consistent networking and security for…