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  • How you can run Windows on your Mac: Virtualbox vs VMware vs Parallels Comparison 18 janvier 2019
    With today’s more advanced computer technology, you could run Windows on your Mac’s OS X. A virtual machine helps you run Windows on your Mac computer with a lot of ease, without disrupting your Mac’s normal setup. Sometimes, there could be some apps that are available on Windows but absent on your Mac OS X. […]
  • How to choose the Best CPU for Virtuatization Needs 15 janvier 2019
    Virtualization is a technological process that enables us to create numerous virtual –rather than actual- representations of something, ranging from servers, storage devices, networks, and virtual applications. It is a highly efficient and responsive process and also the single most effective way of reducing I.T. expenses for any business. The main concept of using virtualization […]
  • How to Choose the Best laptop that you could use for Virtualization Software 14 janvier 2019
    Virtualization is used in computing, and it’s been around since 1960s. Basically, virtualization is the process of creating computer-based simulations or representations of systems such as servers; computer hardware; operating systems; computer networks; and storage devices. Virtualization can increase flexibility and scalability in an organization, and reduce operational cost of your business. Other benefits of […]