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  • Quick Post – PowerCLI Firewall Requirements 22 septembre 2018
    Last night I was working in an environment that has a reasonably well locked down NSX distributed firewall, and I was having some issues with PowerCLI. PowerCLI 10.2 on Windows, connecting to vCenter Server 6.7, to be specific. Port 443 was allowed from the jump host to vCenter Server, but I was seeing some odd […]
  • vRealize Automation 7.5 Released! Look at that Interface! 21 septembre 2018
    I remember when I was younger, I was a big player of video games; especially online ones (you all can probably guess which…). I remember my favorite time was always patch week. It was always like getting a new game with so much more to see and do. Now that I am a grown up […]
  • Introducing VMware Cloud Foundation 3.0 21 septembre 2018
    VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) 3.0 is now GA. This is a major new release and it comes with a lot of new features and changes compared to the predecessor 2.3.x What’s new  Support for all vSAN ReadyNodes in the vSAN VMware Compatibility GuideExpanded hardware support with ability to use vSAN ReadyNodes in the VMware Compatibility […]
  • The Dashboard Creation Canvas in vRealize… 21 septembre 2018
    The Dashboard Creation Canvas in vRealize Operations 7.0 The Dashboard Creation Canvas in vRealize… https://bit.ly/2yLKfH5 Creating and editing dashbaords just got easier with the new dashboard canvas in vRealize Operations 7.0. In this video you will learn all about creating and editing dashboards using this new, modern drag and drop interface. VMware Social Media Advocacy
  • Get started with the VMware Cloud on AWS single… 21 septembre 2018
    Get started with the VMware Cloud on AWS single host option Get started with the VMware Cloud on AWS single… Starting out? Test this low cost option to jumpstart your hybrid cloud experience VMware Social Media Advocacy
  • VMware vRealize Suite 2018 Released 21 septembre 2018
    VMware has released there vRealize Suite 2018. vRealize Automation 7.5 What's new: Modernized UI and Consumer UX vRealize Automation has a new look and feel and streamlined flows for common self-service tasks. UI updated to VMware Clarity standard Larger catalog cards show more of the description Cleaner catalog view Multiple instances of the same catalog item across […]
  • VSAN 6.6/6.7 : attention aux extensions de vmdk sur vos VM transactionnelles 21 septembre 2018
    Bonsoir à tous ! Ca fait plaisir de vous retrouver après plus de 15 jours d’absence. La cause : un début de rentrée assez dingue pour ce qui me concerne. Cela explique, sans l’excuser, le désert de news sur vBlog, alors que l’actualité est pourtant riche en ce moment (VMUGFR, retour sur les annonces du […]
  • VMware just released most of the products announced at VMworld 2018 21 septembre 2018
    VMware decided to release many of the products announced at VMworld this week, and that’s a lot! vRealize Suite 2018 vRealize Automation and Orchestrator 7.5 vRealize Operation Manager 7.0 vRealize Operations Plug-in for Horizon 6.6.0 vRealize Log Insight 4.7 NSX-T Data Center 2.3 vRealize Network Insight 3.9 Horizon Cloud Service vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 2.0 […]
  • NSX-T Policy PowerShell Community Module for VMC 21 septembre 2018
    Earlier this week I had published an article on how to get started with the new NSX-T Policy API in VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC), if you have not read through that guide yet, I recommend you take a look at that first as this covers the prerequisites which will be required. As mentioned in that […]
  • Announcing General Availability of vRealize… 21 septembre 2018
    Announcing General Availability of vRealize Suite 2018 & vCloud Suite 2018! Announcing General Availability of vRealize… VMware vRealize Suite 2018 and vCloud Suite 2018, the industry leading cloud management platform is now available for download. As announced at VMworld 2018 in Las Vegas, VMware’s cloud management platform is further helping IT deliver developer-friendly infrastructure from […]