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  • Skyline – Proactive Recommendations for Issue Avoidance 22 février 2018
    VMware Skyline is a proactive support technology that listens for changes, events and patterns within your VMware environment. This information is then analyzed using a robust rules and machine learning engine. Once data analysis has completed, proactive recommendations are provided for each potential issue identified within your environment. These recommendations are based on VMware’s ever-growing […]
    Nick Fritsch

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  • VMware Container Solutions 24 février 2018
    VMware appears to have gone a little ‘mad’ with regards to containerisation (or containerization for any American readers) lately. Last week saw the release of Pivotal Container Service (PKS) as launched at VMworld 2017 US back in August. With this there are now a total of three VMware technologies all … Continue reading →

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  • Les stockages Lenovo V Series bénéficient de la disponibilité Veeam ! 9 janvier 2018
    Il est facile de manquer toutes les nouvelles avancées et capacités que Veeam offre depuis peu. Avec le lancement de Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 3, une des grandes nouveautés est la sérieuse avancée des intégrations stockages, dont les stockages Lenovo. Dans cet article, nous aborderons la nouvelle intégration de Veeam aux stockages primaires Lenovo Storage […]
    Rick Vanover